Cave of the Fire Spider (lvl 1) - Part I
9:50 AM | Author: One of Freedom
Entrance to the Cave

Even pointed in the direction it will require some tracking to find the spider cave. The party can use DC 15 nature checks (3 maximum), DC 20 history checks (1 only), and DC 20 perception checks (maximum 3). The party needs 4 successes before 3 fails to successfully locate the entrance to the cave. There will be an encounter at the cave entrance. [Add tiles to make enough of a terrain for a decent battle, I usually use a minimum of an 80' X 80' area for outdoor encounters.]

Webs seem to be everywhere! But in the midst of all that sticky mess seems to be an entrance to a cave. Could this be the cave that the vile spider lives in? Perhaps it might, because this cave has guards!

3 Ettercap guards and 6 spiderlings advance on your party. One of the ettercaps has a belt pouch with 400sp and a potion of healing (2 treasure parcels).

The Cave is Dark and Deep

Clearing away the cobwebs reveals a simple hole in the side of the rocks. Inside is dark and damp.

The fight outside has alerted the spiders inside. They will be waiting for the ettercaps to bring them fresh blood, so when the party arrives they will not be happy. Inside the cave webs as all over the place, moving more than ¼ your speed means the webs can make an entangle attack (Attack: +5 vs. Reflex. Hit: The target is immobilized (save ends)). The webs are surprisingly fire resistant, so burning them is not an option. However, if they are frozen they will shatter and lose their stickiness. Cold based spells clear out their area of effect. Apart from the two big spiders in here, there is a small amount of treasure hidden throughout and a hole that leads down into the deep. Searching this room means moving throughout it, which means potential attacks so it must be tracked. The treasure is easily found if you are in the marked squares (DC12 perception). Treasure 1: +1 Healer’s Brooch (AV. 152). Treasure 2: +1 Frost Dagger (2 treasure parcels). The occupants of the room are 2 Fire Spiders and 4 Spiderlings.
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