The World of Rathbone
8:31 AM | Author: One of Freedom
Rathbone is actually the name of a continent in the world of Mellenheir. I created it for a 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign ages ago. The original adventurers unwittingly unleashed an ancient evil wizard who has been a recurring villain for many of our adventures there. As with anything, the simple land of Rathbone grew to a whole world and has lasted through two game version transitions.

I'm running a kids game and an adult game in this world, so I thought it might be great to put some of the material up online for other folks to use, exploit, and maybe even ignore. Hey, I'm a generous guy. If you find this useful then let me know and I'll keep it coming. But for now I'm going to focus on my kids game which takes place in Rathbone proper. Their campaign is called the Faerie Champions, it is built around five characters, all of whom are specially chosen by the Faeries to protect the Faerie land from intruders by opposing the evils in the land. I'll post a bit about the structure and play of this adventure later. I'm also going to include modules. I use a lot of WotC material - such as the dungeon tiles and miniatures - to flesh things out.

Hope you enjoy the blog!
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