The Blue Hill - Part I
8:10 AM | Author: One of Freedom
Spiders Defeat

Certainly the fire spiders were formidable opponents. But your brave band of adventurers defeated them none the less. Now Hilda has another lead on adventure. Seems that someone has been trying to discover the mystery of the Blue Hill. As you well know Blue Hills are sacred to the faeries, often located near faerie groves. This particular blue hill, named as such because from the air they appear as treeless blue grass covered hills, is not far from the faerie grove where your party awoke. Usually it takes the use of faerie tricks to enter the secret grotto, but if some creature found another way into the grotto then they might also be able to enter into Tier nan Og, the land of the faeries. You must make sure that no one has entered the grotto already and you must stop their attempts to find a way in.

The party will know that pixie dust blown by flapping faerie wings will open the sacred stone. But they will have to find some way to locate the Blue Hill as most natural animals are colour blind. When the party gets to the Blue hill read:

The blue grass that covers this hill is lush and the sacred stone on the top of the hill stands like a silent watcher. A large circle is carved into one of the faces of the stone, almost like a giant eye.

If the stone is approached then the party will be attacked! They can search around the stone and perception DC 20 (nature check to assist) will reveal that there are many tracks. A DC 15 nature check will show that these are wolf tracks. There are 4 ravenous wolves in the forest, they will attempt to grab a player and drag them into the forest (400XP). The stone can be searched (DC15 perception) to reveal a lot of scratches as if something has been trying to claw its way into the stone, but also there is a broken necklace on the ground. If you examine it you will see that there is some dust (DC 15 perception or nature reveals that it is pixie dust) in it. A DC higher than 20 will also find a piece of fairy wing discarded on the ground.

The stone can be opened easily by blowing some pixie dust across the circle, this does not affect the daily use of any of these powers.
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