Rathbone 4E - Adult Game
8:31 AM | Author: One of Freedom
I also run an adult campaign using the 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons rules. In this campaign the party starts out not in Rathbone, as was the case in our previous campaigns, but in the Tongue of Frugguthi. We have an active facebook group for the campaign, but I'll transpose most of the information here for folks who might want to use my material and for gamers in my other campaigns who want a central access point to my world.


The Year Plybithimus returned the dark Lord was torn asunder. But doing so poisoned our fair land. Many heroes of old defeated the undead armies left behind, but the poison ran through the bloodlines of the dragons. Many new species of dragons emerged, including the dragonborn. Only a few of the old ones are still around, many of them driven mad by the evil they consumed. Even wise Plybithimus has hidden herself away, perhaps a great sleep will heal her species. Until then may the gods have mercy on the lands.
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