A Rathbone Gazetteer and Almanac
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Again this was original material for my 2nd ed game with various updates for the 3.5 campaign. A lot of this has changed, but I still refer back to remember what is what in my world. Credit for the map has to go to one of my original players Anastasia, I think she came back the first week with a better colour version of the map I had made - we've colour photocopied it and scanned it ever since.


Chorley Woods

These woods are rumoured to be home of the fey (faerie), not many are brave enough to remain long in these woods. At least a small community of halflings trade from a town within this forest, yet no reliable reports from non-halflings have emerged from this place.

Dark Forest

Rathbone is separated from the Northlands by a dense and dangerous forest. Safe travel through the forest is only possible by way of the Rathbone road, guarded by the newly constructed Rathbone Tower. Legend has it that dark magic unleashed from the top of the tower corrupted its very construction, sending it crashing to the ground a mere year after it was retaken from the forces that cut off access to the Northlands. It is said that a band of adventurers such as has never since been seen did destroy the works of a mad necromancer on its ramparts. The ruins of the old tower can still be seen, yet no one dares inspect too closely for fear that the dead will awaken again.

Update: The Tower is once again in the hands of Voth.


In the heart of Spider Valley lies the city of Druse. Once a small farming village, this community rebuilt and fortified since the last war. The only building remaining was a small church, unless you count the fountain that was repaired and placed at the center of the new market district. The city boasts a standing militia, which guard the city gates as well as patrol the farmlands. This militia is also hired out to clear spider infestations out of private farms. Druse mainly trades with Persimé, but more recently it has provided grains and meats to the Mythral elves and even the Hallenmare goblins.

Update: Druse was completely decimated by the armies of Lord Voth. It is rumoured that the slain have been raised as an army of living dead, but none has returned to confirm the truth of this rumour.


To the East of Druse is a small seaport famed home to the dread goblin navy. This city is all that remains of the massive goblin armies that once threatened all of Rathbone. The city is blanketed with a permanent drizzle, the goblin warmage effort to ward off the brightness of the Sun. This gloom only serves to emphasize the dreariness of the city, which is mostly carved (very crude by dwarves standards) from large slabs of rock. The city has a standing guard of goblin soldiers, but non-goblin visitors are not an uncommon event, especially when trading is involved. Hallenmare is primarily a trading port but has been known for exporting local potions and strong drink, particularly Goblin Grog.

Update: Hallenmare’s army has been greatly increased despite the fact that much of the navy has yet to return. The Church of the Good in Hallenmare, like most cities, has been razed.

Lymar Hills

Stretching out before the Dark Forest, these hills are said to be rich with ores and even more precious metals. The Dwarven City of Lymar proudly rests in the Northwestern hills. Their city exists partially below the surface, yet the magnificent builders have fortified their city above the ground as well.

Update: The dwarves have retreated into their underground fortress; the town above was decimated by Voth’s troops. Rumour has it that an army of undead holds the siege line to prevent the dwarves from emerging.

Mythral Woods

The home of the Morguthi elves, this forest is not friendly to non-elven interlopers. The aged King Cearni Lyllthian reigns from a city hidden deep within the forest. Elven steel was instrumental in assuring a victory over the Eastern Goblin raiders and is highly prized by warriors and adventurers alike, it is said that an ancient city deep within the woods is the only source of this precious metal.

Update: The elves have fled and much of this forest has been burned.


The jewel of Rathbone, this great city has expanded much in the last hundred years. A seaport extraordinaire, ships from all over Mellenheir can be counted amongst those that visit the city every year. The city consists of an inner core Old City, still surrounded by the ancient wall. The Old City Guard maintains the North and South gates and ensures weapons are secured and riding animals are stabled (at a modest fee of course). Inside the Old City are the famous Wizard Academy Tower, the Black Tower, Persimé’s docks and many famous merchants and inns. Outside these walls Persimé has spilled out into the countryside. While not as fortified as the Old City, the Rathbone Militia protects this city from all that might try to attack, from within or without. Many excellent shops and taverns can be found in the new city’s various districts.

Update: Persimé has fallen! The port is run by Argarth, warlord of Voth the Invincible. The wizard’s tower has been magically secured, essentially cutting off the traditional defenders of this great city. It is not known how the tower has been captured, what is known is that any attempts to penetrate the tower have resulted in massive loss of life. Voth’s own death warriors guard the tower; they are usually accompanied by the dreaded Scrys.

Spider Valley

South of the Darth Ravine is a fertile farming valley which also happens to be home of several dangerous varieties of spiders. Farmers regularly hire militia to rid their pasturages of these eight-legged pests. Most farms focus on grains and cattle, a number of mills sit at the junction of properties, shared by three of four farmsteads. These mills are often locked and left unattended most of the year. There are a small number of vegetable farms closer to the Darth Ravine and swine is becoming popular as well.

Temple of the Good

Northeast of Chorley Woods rests the massive central temple for the Cult of the Good. This is the principle training site for priests and paladins of the various Orders of the Good. It is also a popular pilgrimage site for the devout, many who camp on the grounds that surround the temple itself. The influence of the temple is strong surrounding the temple, which is treated as having a protection from evil spell extending 100’ in all directions from the temple itself. This effect is constant as long as there is prayer offered up in the main sanctuary – a requirement the pilgrims easily satisfy. Outside of the temple 30’ tall pillars carved with the stories of creation stand, each hour an evangelist can be heard speaking on one of the stories carved there. These pillars are duplicated within the main sanctuary as well, but sermons there only occur on high holy days.

Update: Defended by angelic beings, the temple has not fallen to Voth’s troops. Still the priests within are essentially besieged.

Weeping Marsh

This pungent swampland is thick with insects and mystery. On the rare occasion when the fog is low the smoke from a lone chimney seems to rise lazily into the air – or is this just and illusion brought on by the stink cabbage that so readily grows in the area.

Update: A new tower has emerged in the marsh.
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