A Rathbone Gazetteer and Almanac - Addendium
7:19 AM | Author: One of Freedom
We got over our phobia of psionics in 4E.



Rathbone’s climate is cold to temperate; the variance is caused by the nearness of the Southern hemisphere to the Sun. The Sleep of the Land can get as cold as 25° F and as warm in the Waiting can be as warm as 90° F. Snows never last long in the winter, though the nights can become very bitter. The Northlands and Frugguthi are both very cold climates, but Ballydore is almost tropical in climate.

Natural Resources

Rathbone has rich farmlands in the South and East. The Southern farmers tend to raise sheep and goats while the Eastern farms raise cattle and swine. The few farms in the West focus on hardy root vegetables and horses. The Lymar hills are rich with ores, precious metals and building stones. The Mythral woods have secret mines that produce silver and other ores. The Shimmering Mountains are known for rock quarries as well as precious stones; there are rumours of gold mines in the far West of these mountains. Chorley Woods brings a source of clear crisp water; the halfling traders claim this water comes from a number of natural springs; it is also a source of tree nuts.

Magic and Psionics

There are no special campaign rules governing magic. Your characters have had no opportunity to purchase or create magic items until the campaign actually begins. The Wizard Academy in Persimé trains most wizards and sorcerers, they expect students who continue to grow in their talents to return from time to time and teach new arcane casters the arts.

Psionic powers exist only to the extent that they are described in the three core rulebooks. Material from the Expanded Psionics Handbook will not be used. Psionic classes from that sourcebook are not available to PCs or NPCs. For monsters who have psionic powers, like mind flayers, their powers will be treated as “spell-like abilities” (just as they are described in the Monster Manual).
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