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This gazette information comes from the 3.5 edition players guide which was given to all players in the Rathbone campaign. Note that the updates are changes from the 2nd edition campaign in this same world. Some of this changes in the new version (4E) of the campaign, but much of the history and geography is the same. Of note the existence of Tier nan Og, or the realm of the Faeries, has been confirmed and is a central piece to the Faerie Champions campaign. Also of note, magic changes to match the idioms in each version. In the 2nd edition game schools of magic needed to be kept in balance and where they were not wild magic appeared, sometimes destructively. In 3.5 magic had balanced itself out somewhat, but the forces that held tyrannical power in yester-years was seeking a new reign of terror made by metal (warforged) and bone (undead). At the end of that campaign the heroes convinced the dragons to rid the world of Voth by taking him into themselves. As the most ancient dragons tore Voth apart, his essence corrupted the species and created all kinds of variations in the dragon species - hence the emergence of the dragonborn and other dragon tainted species. It also accounts for the strong alignment biases in dragons being eradicated.


WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF RATHBONE! This guide will acquaint you with the geography and culture of the lands of Rathbone, giving you the background knowledge that your characters would have of their world, as well as some of the D&D crunch that will help us have an enjoyable campaign.


The onslaught of Voth’s armies was swift. Few stood a chance as coordinated assaults secured his dominion of Morguthi. Reports from the Paals suggest that control there was gained more through subterfuge than through direct assault. Frugguthi seems to have been of less interest to the conquering Voth, but perhaps this is just a matter of time. Armies of goblins and metal forged warriors have been seen along the Tongue itself. Everywhere there is a new order and the warlords of Voth are determined to maintain that order at any cost.


Mellenheir is an earthlike planet in almost every geophysical respect, though its biosphere is much more diverse. Mellenheir is roughly the same size and shape as Earth, with an axial tilt and rotational velocity almost identical to Earth’s. Its slightly smaller orbital path results in 328-day years with no need for “leap year” corrections. Like Earth, Mellenheir has but a single moon.

Land Masses

There are four main inhabited landmasses in Mellenheir. Civilized humanoids are primarily concentrated on the Morguthi continent, with the massive snow capped Frugguthi continent being home to many savage races. The oceanic continent of Varguthi rarely sees visitors; many a seafarer has tales of its shores being the very end of the world itself. The islands of Pal Urguthi reach like a bony hand to the north, rich in minerals adventurers often set foot on its shores only to be swallowed up by the mystery that surrounds the islands like a fog.

A. Rathbone

Civilizations have risen and fallen in this land. Bridging the lands of the north (Northlands) and the lands of the south (Ballydore). The largest city, Persimé, also serves as the launching point for expeditions to Pal Urguthi. A terrible gash in the planet reminds the residents of this region of the dreadful power wizards have held in the past. The gash extends into the ocean, yet even the water flows only around this horrible feature. The Shimmering Mountains separate Rathbone from Ballydore restricting commercial traffic to ships that travel the coast in the Sea of Persistence. In the West the Chorley Woods and Weeping Marsh hold their own secrets. Central to this land are the Elven Mythral Woods. In the West is the growing city of Druse as well as several smaller farming communities. These farms provide much of the grains consumed throughout the continent. The Darth Ravine that splits even the ocean still holds a fortress that holds a strange attraction to the darker inhabitants of this land. In the north we have the Lymar Hills, home of the Dwarven city of Lymar. The Dark Forest separates Rathbone from the Northlands with a newly constructed tower to guard the trade route through the woods.

Update: Persimé has been overwhelmed by Voth’s forces and robbed of all magical support. The Dwarves are known to have gone underground once again. Hallenmare has been given special honour by Lord Voth, despite the loss of their constant drizzle (which has rendered the city nocturnal) Voth has stationed his standing army in this city.

B. BallyDore

Much of this land is dense jungle, especially the south. The majority of the population lives on the coast of the Sea of Persistence. The city of Ballydore dominates this coastline, a place of intrigue and high adventure. The famous army of Fort Persistence sits just south of Ballydore and legend has it that the coast to the north of Ballydore is riddled with pirates’ treasure troves. The lands of Ballydore are rich in sugars, teas and spices. These lands are also famous for their huge flocks of sheep.

C. Northlands

North of the Dark Forest lies the land that breeds mighty warriors. Many dwell in the inland city of Thrarn a mere days travel from the edge of the Dark Forest. This city is famous for its impressive walls and towers. An immense lake dominates the east with many small fishing villages on its shore. Legend has it that this lake was once the beautiful city Eller a’Marth, but that it was thrown far away into the Sea of Chance. The seaport of Ruul lays north of Thrarn and provides the only commercial connection to Frugguthi. The Northlands provide dried fish, many varieties, and salts to their trading partners. They are also very industrious and are famous throughout Morguthi for their mechanical inventions.

D. Frugguthi Cold Lands

Often called the Savage North, this continent is home to some of the harshest weather in all Mellenheir. The few barbarians who hail from these lands find the temperate weather of other continents to be uncomfortable. A land of small migratory communities of rugged Fruggites, they follow the migration of huge herds of bison through the seasons. There are a few established communities on the coast of the Sea of Chance, these communities trade furs and ore with the Northlandians from Ruul. Enterprising dwarves who have migrated from Morguthi have established a number of mining communities in these lands.

E. The Tongue of Frugguthi

Wrapping around the Bay of Frustration, this tongue of land juts far to the south. Home of many Elven tribes it is believed that all Mellenheir elves originate from this very land. There is little contact with the outside world from the Tongue. The elves call this land Mallenhane (which roughly translates to Blessed of Mellenheir). They do hold a strange relationship with an island to the south of the Tongue. This island holds some spiritual significance to the elves and is shrouded in rumour and mystery. The island is called Bellhane.

Update: The stronghold of the Griffon Brotherhood lies on the Tongue.

Pal Urguthi
F. The Islands of Pal Urguthi

Often a dense fog surrounds these islands making it treacherous to ships to approach. Reefs, uncivilized tribes and volcanoes add to the dangers of this distant chain of islands. Yet the richness of these lands in terms of rare minerals is famous, a siren call to many an ambitious heart. Not all the tribes are savage; the Chaal tribe is actually quite civilized and frequently rescues misdirected travellers in these parts. Unfortunately they also put many of these travellers into service as slaves in their mines, a fair payment for their liberation from the cannibals who also live in these parts.

Update: Olve Kierza have overthrown the council that once ruled the Paals (common term for the Pal Urguthi islands).

G. Varguthi

Not much is known about this small continent, an oversized island really. The only travellers who ever go there are those from Ballydore, and there has never been any sustained trading with this land. Geographically this island separates the Sea of Persistence from the angry Sea of Temper.

Update: It is rumoured that Voth has a huge standing army in Varguthi and that this mysterious island possess huge forges from which all manner of abominations emerge.

Other Lands
H. Pileidaea

This ice-covered land is constantly victimized by the angry winds of the Sea of Temper. How anything could survive long in such a harsh place is a mystery, yet stories of giants, dragons and snow people have been a staple of the sailing communities.

Cosmology - Planar Geography

Mellenheir exists in the Prime Material Plane of existence. Planes corresponding to the four basic elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire also co-exist with this plane. The access to these alternate planes is accomplished through magic and fixed portals. There is also a legend that the realm of the faeries permeates this plane being only slightly shifted away. It is the only realm that is described in similar terms to the known world. Many speculate that there also exists spiritual planes of existence but there has been no evidence to affirm or deny these planes.

Update: Portals have penetrated into the Ethereal and Astral planes. Unfortunately these planes are less than hospitable to life.
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