Rathbone 4E Primer
10:58 AM | Author: One of Freedom
Most of the players for my adult game played in the 3.5 edition game. Because we wanted to get this off the ground as quick as possible, I posted a few basic historical changes and racial mappings.


Some things to note. First off in Frugguthi oriental type characters are going to be very rare. Any of those characters come from the Hand, other side of the world! However, the good news is that the Olve Kierza, dark elves who live above ground, were all forced underground by the elves of the Tongue. In fact most dark elves here will be more like the Drow you might be familiar with.

Elves are by far the dominant humanoid species of the Tongue. There are many towns and cities, but only those with mixed populations are represented on the map. Elves have closed communities, often deep in the forests. Trespass in these towns and cities is not taken lightly so most travellers stick to the established trade roads.

Warforged is not uncommon here. All warforged come from the great forges in Varguthi. Rumour has it that only the forge in Iron continues to operate. Once the Dark Lord used these forges to produce a vast army and even craft a new body for his twisted soul. Towards the end a new breed of undead warforged were created, but thankfully these were almost completely culled in the last great war.

We have adventured in this part of Mellenheir before, the mountains to the east are the historical home to the Griffon Brotherhood. An exclusive fraternity of griffon riding spellcasters, they have played significant roles in the history of this world. If the sightings are true then perhaps there will be opportunity once again to interact with these powerful and sage wizards and sorcerers.

Frugguthi is typically a cold climate, but the Tongue enjoys a temperate climate only slightly colder (on average) than Rathbone. Although during the Sleep of the Land the northern coast of the Shivering Sea can freeze, releasing dangerous ice flows as the land re-awakens. The fortifications of Cold Port are more as protection from the elements than from any military adversary. The frozen north is largely populated by giants and huge beasts - occasionally these will migrate down into the Tongue. Making for interesting additions to the population, such as Landover's large population of half-giants.

The dominant species of humanoids in the Tongue will be elven. With half-elves and humans making a good run for second place. But there is less racial intolerance, or should that be special intolerance than there would have been in the past. A few exceptions. Because of the role they played in the last war, warforged are rarely trusted. Halflings basically hid out much of the war, this was seen much the same as how the dwarves hid through the war before that. So while this does not engender distrust, it has created some tension with other humanoid species. As a result halflings have ghettoized their existence in cities and towns. Often those sectors are called Little Chorleyvilles.
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